Far Infrared Energy

Lose Weight and Detox in the Infralite Sauna
In today's hectic lifestyles, finding the time to relax, unwind and revive is a challenge. The Relax Sauna provides the perfect solution. The innovative design of the Relax Sauna gives you the benefits of an installed cabin sauna.

• Promotes weight loss
• Deep detox
• Cardiovascular conditioning
• Increases metabolic rate
• Stimulates immune system
• Cellulite reduction
• Improves skin tone and texture
• Relaxes and revives
• Assists pain relief and control
• Increases blood circulation

Strengthen your immune system

An artifical fever is created in the Relax Sauna that aids your immune system. The famous Greek physician Parmenides stated, "Give me the power to create fever and I shall cure any disease." This has been validated by scientific research. Different types of white blood cells (T cells, Natural Killer cells, B cells, etc.) are enhanced by the artificial fever.

Cardiovascular Health

Whilte you relax in your Relax Sauna, your body is hard at work. A 20 to 30 minutes session creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a six mile run!

About Clay

From preventing the proliferation of pathogenic germs and parasites, to aiding with the rebuilding of healthy tissues and cells ... Clay is a "living" cure. we use Calcium Bentonite Clay. There is no finer or more effective clay for facial treatments, full body wraps and clay baths. In addition, it is used topically for:

• detoxification of heavy metals stored in body tissues
• poison ivy, oak and shingles
• eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes
• wart removal
• toenail fungus
• jammed joints
• sprains and strained muscles
• acne reduction
• aching joints
• radiation exposure
• burns and chemical burns
• to pull out infection and gangrene from a wound or sore

Full body application with 10 to 15 minutes in a Far Infrared Sauna, followed by a clay bath will detox heavy metals from the soft tissues of the body. Clay baths will also relieve sore stressed muscles in minutes.

Seeing is believing!

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