The B.E.S.T Energy Spa

The B.E.S.T. (Bio-Electric Stimulating Technique) energy spa is a natural health device that can help your body strengthen and balance itself. The human body functions off electromagnetic signals. The brain sends signals to each part of the body and the body sends back to the brain. When cells have enough energy they are able to function properly. The B.E.S.T. energy spa charges the water ad the water (which your feet soak in) charges your body. This allows the body to absorb vital energy on a cellular level, creating cell balance.

The Body's Reponse

Once the body receives the energy, the body starts detoxing on its own. This may occur in different ways:

• through the feet while in the energy spa
• through the urinary system, bowels, and skin. As the B.E.S.T. energy spa starts detoxifying and energizing the system on a cellular level, the body is able to release waste products more readily.

Health isn't a luxury ... it's a necessity!

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