BodySlant Break

We can't see gravity. We can't hear gravity. Nor can we touch, taste or smell gravity.

Thus, when it comes to keeping up our health and beauty, we seldom think about gravity and its powerful influence over our mental and physical well-being in our earthbound lives.

Yet, the effects of gravity's constant downward pull on our faces, necks, shoulders, chests, backs, organs, hips, legs and feet are painfully obvious to most of us.

For instance, it's not old age which causes our bodies to shrink on this planet: it's gravity! The same universal force that causes our bodies to get out of shape in the first place.

And exercising to shape-up our bodies, can actually compound the situation. For the more we run, the more we jump, and the more we lift, the more down-to-earth our bodies become - thanks to gravity.

Compensating for gravity's pull on the human body, with the aid if the modern BodySlant, is extremely safe and comfortable for everyone. Indeed, it's as easy as lying on a bed––because that's what it is––a super-firm, multi-functional piece of furniture.

Only by stretching out your body on the BodySlant (with your head lower than your heart––and your feet higher than your heart) can you actually fathon THE BODYSLANT EXPERIENCE for yourself! 10 min

Seeing is believing!

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