The Yon-ka® "Top 8" Face and Body Preferred Spa Treatments

Escape 35 min
Life too hectic, no time for the spa experience? Discover Yon-ka ESCAPE ... a unique quick fix mini spa facial, so compact that it fits neatly into your lifestyle and pocketbook

Gentle+ 60 min
For those of you who are highly sensitized by external factors is now at hand with GENTLE+ ... a professional treatment for overreactive skin with redness.

Rejuva+ 70 min
The wear and tear of modern life and the environment pave the way for wrinkles, por skin tone, sagging and premature aging––but you can hold these aggressors at bay. Yon-ka REJUVA+, our rejuvenating facial, can stop the facial clock.

Clinic+ 70 min
Troubled by out of control blemishes, clogged pores, and suddenbreakouts? Let Yon-ka CLINIC+ take charge with our unrivaled clinical treatment for mild to sever acne

Hydra+ 60 min
Pollution ... stress ... cold, wet weather ... Does your skin need a boost? Experience the long lasting, deep hydration of the Yon-ka HYDRA+ facial.

Eye-Opener+ 45 min
Late hours, computer time, and exposure to the elements assault your most beautiful and fragile feature ... your eyes. The signs of fatigue (dark circles, puffiness) and aging (wrinkles, crow's feet) appear in this vulnerable spot first.

Aroma+ 90 min
Are you looking for a deep-pore cleansing that will leave your skin soft and rebalanced without unsightly extraction marks? Yon-ka AROMA+ classic facial is perfect for you.

Beautifying Eye Care
Yon-ka skin care products.

No mineral oils, denatured alcohol, synthetic substitutes, artificial color or chemical fragrances are used in ANY of these sking care products.

As skin matures, cell production begins to lag. Few new cells replace old ones, resulting in lines and a dry,flaky, rough complexion. Yon-ka ALPHA+ starts the recvery process.

Now, available only with Yon-ka, savor the finest Fruit Acid Therapy (from naturally derived extracts) in conjunction with Aroma Therapy. AHA's help slough off dead cells, allowing fresh, new plumped cells to surface while healing, essential oils prevent sensitivity. A freshly prepared peel off mask, capturing the delicate scents of pineapple and green tea, delivers comforting hydration.

Your skin will instantly begin to be restored to smotthness, firmness, and clarity––without irritation.

Seeing is believing!

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